Flying sub

日期:2019-02-27 10:13:03 作者:袁垦化 阅读:

AN UNUSUAL submarine took off on its maiden flight last week in the Pacific Ocean off Monterey in California. Deep Flight’s designer Graham Hawkes piloted the minisub on three shallow dives lasting about 4 hours in total, plus a brief fourth dive at its official launch ceremony 3 days later. “The sub flew beautifully,” says a spokeswoman for the project. “There are no kinks to work out, which is rare for a first test.” The tiny, bullet-shaped craft, which is barely big enough to hold a pilot lying in a prone position, operates like an upside-down aircraft (“Voyage to the bottom of the sea”, New Scientist, 25 February 1995, p 26). When the buoyant vessel moves through the water, “lift” from its stubby wings pulls it downwards. The pilot manoeuvres it like an aeroplane. The $1-million craft is the prototype for Hawkes’s next sub. If all goes well, he hopes to take Deep Flight II down 11 000 metres into the deepest part of the oceans,